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little town of Havenhollow

a musebox

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&# little town of halloween #&
everlasting foggy night. you arrive from the dark, drawn in by the hazy warmth after what feels like an eternity in the cold to find a sign greeting you as you step forward: 'welcome to havenhollow'. you look behind yourself to realize that you've stepped out of a tunnel, one that feels like it leads on forever. the houses here feel familiar, like home. in fact, you find the keys to the most welcoming house in your pocket. you step through the doorway into warmth and light, a full pantry and hot running water. after you've eaten and rested, your memories slowly come back.

weren't you just somewhere else? just how did you end up here?

&# little psl musebox #&
havenhollow is a private storyline / musebox taking place in the fiction town of havenhollow, where it's constantly halloween eve. there is no escape. there is no next day. there is only the night and the fog; the haunting laughter of children going door to door in elaborate costumes asking for the candy that never seems to run out from that bowl in your hallway.

organized as a game, except there are no applications or activity checks and the pace goes as fast or slow as the players choose. inspired by the purgatory sim on second life, there will be an ongoing plotline in this town and players are welcome to add or drop characters at any time, explained as people getting whisked away by the fog with a potential of returning.

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